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Crush Fetishism And ‘Animal Torture Porn’. Can people really get pleasure that is sexual harming pets?

Posted May 25, 2016

In past articles, We have analyzed both crush zoosadism and fetishism. A crush fetish is just a fetish that is sexual which an specific derives sexual arousal from watching (or fantasizing about) somebody (typically associated with other sex) crushing products ( e.g., toys, cigarettes, mobiles, laptop computers), meals ( e.g., good fresh fresh fruit), and (in acute cases) little pets and bugs, and/or being stepped on, sat upon, and/or crushed on by an individual. Zoosadism is the pleasure – frequently intimate – that people achieve by causing sadistic cruelty to pets. These bizarre and ( in many cases) depraved behaviours have actually hit the news in America following a arrests of females for showing up in an torture that is‘animal’ video.

A woman from Florida (USA) was arrested following her appearance in a zoosadistic fetish video entitled ‘SOS Barn’ in the first case, 28-year old Sara Zamora.