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Include authorized user Share your Chase card with people you like

  • Enjoy included convenience.
  • Record costs.

All communication, including charge cards, statements, and notifications will likely be delivered to the title and target on apply for the main cardmember. The cardmember that is primary in charge of repaying all balances with this account. Authorized users may have the exact same account number and charging privileges because the primary cardmember but will never be economically accountable. Chase provides username and passwords towards the credit rating agencies for many account users. These details could affect an user’s credit score that is authorized. Us to add a user to your account, you’re confirming that you have a relationship with the person or people whose name(s), address(es), and mail order wives date of birth(s) you’ve told us, that all their information is correct, and that you have their consent to add them when you tell. Weiterlesen