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Brogden provides to resign over ‘mail-order bride’

NSW Liberal frontrunner, John Brogden has publicly apologised for describing Helena Carr, the spouse of previous brand brand New South Wales Premier Bob Carr being a ‘mail-order bride’ within a consuming session with reporters at a Sydney resort.


TONY EASTLEY: the latest South Wales Opposition frontrunner has admitted making a racist remark during a news function many weeks ago and states he will resign if their celebration desires him to.

Liberal frontrunner, John Brogden, has publicly apologised for explaining Helena Carr, the spouse of previous brand brand New Southern Wales Premier, Bob Carr, as a “mail order bride” during a ingesting session with journalists at a Sydney resort.

Mr Brogden has additionally admitted he acted “inappropriately” towards at least one feminine journalist at the exact same function.

Prime Minister John Howard has described their remarks as quite wrong.

Edmond Roy reports.

EDMOND ROY: John Brogden’s indiscretions were held in the marble club in Sydney’s brand brand new Hilton resort. On the list of numerous feedback he made that evening, one sticks out. He known previous premiere, bob Carr’s spouse Helena, being a mail purchase bride.

Until belated yesterday, John Brogden had been desperately attempting to reject which he’d available such commentary. This early morning he had been contrite. Weiterlesen