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11 Tumblr Guidelines for Power Customers Online

1. Mass Modifying

To quickly modify multiple articles during the exact same time, make use of the Mega-Editor.

The device appears similar to your archive, except it is possible to selct or delete multiple articles, and edit and include tags.

2. Hot Keys

Certain keys assist you to search through the Dashboard more quickly.

To maneuver forward, push on the “J” key. The ” K” moves that are key backward.

You could just like the present post by pushing the “L” key.

To reblog instantly, without making the dashboard or tagging, click on the reblog key while pushing the “Alt” key. If you wish to tag, press “Ctrl” rather.

3. Publishing Without Internet

Appears impossible, you could execute two things on Tumblr via SMS.

Once you have grabbed the Tumblr that is personal email the settings web web web web page of the we we blog, deliver a post with tags, a photograph, estimate or just about any other function. Tumblr will immediately identify it and deliver to your site.

Or post(once that is audio’ve configured) by calling 1-866-584-6757.

4. Queued Posts

To rearrange queued articles, click on the down and up arrows and drag into the order that is right. Weiterlesen