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WALSH: Dem Congresswoman Presumably Has Affair With Younger Female Staffer. Media Completely Ignores.

If you didn’t understand much better, you may think this tale had been destined for the headlines. Red State states that prominent Democrat congresswoman Katie Hill presumably had an extended sexual relationship with a young feminine staffer. Since the story goes, Hill along with her now-estranged spouse had been tangled up in a “throuple” relationship utilizing the 22-year-old staffer, who had been simply away from university whenever she began using the services of, and presumably dating, the congresswoman.

Making the thing that is whole stranger and more salacious, various pictures have actually surfaced, including the one that appears showing a nude Hill cleaning the hair of a new girl (presumably the staffer). Red State has also texts amongst the woman and Hill, by which Hill explained why she desired to end the connection. She generally seems to acknowledge within the exchange that the main explanation may be the governmental danger. Hill along with her spouse presumably became estranged following the revelation of some other affair that is alleged a various member of her staff. Weiterlesen