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Bringing quality, expertise and trust to cannabis

We place clients and individuals first. By giving a portfolio of top-notch cannabis-based health insurance and health solutions, leveraging information and research to fuel innovation, and increasing usage of cannabis and plant-based solutions, we try to lead the industry.


Columbia Care strives become since available that you can for the clients. We’ve locations all over the usa. Determine if there is certainly a Columbia Care location in your town.

People First

We make an effort to restore empathy in medication to boost client results and general health and health


Our patient-centric focus includes private consultations and follow-ups with pharmacists and specialists, allowing individualized care on your own personal health and wellbeing journey.


With a concentrate on clean cultivation, superior quality, and good client results, we provide brands and products which meet high standards of strength, purity, and predictability.

Our proprietary, patent-pending brands that are medical health Cannabis. TheraCeed™, ClaraCeed™ and EleCeed™ are pharmaceutical-quality and also come in a number of formats, including hard-pressed pills, suppositories, vapes, and creams. Weiterlesen