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Twenty-thousand had been a crazy claim, during an crazy amount of time in culture from an similarly crazy tower of a guy.

The four scars on their upper arm that is left? From the hill lion assault, one in that the lion caught the end that is short of stick since he killed it. The movie that is legendary Quentin Tarantino also admitted this past year his mom had been one of many 20,000 women that slept with Wilt.

For every thing about Wilt, that five-digit quantity appears just as much as, or even more than, some of their other analytical features. The amount descends from his 1991 autobiography, A View From Above, and broke down seriously to a typical of 1.2 females per time each day of their life since he had been 15.

It’s a mythical figure impossible to validate, particularly into the pre-TMZ times Wilt frolicked through. Since that time, nevertheless, the number’s turn into an operating laugh, medal of honor and way of shaming all inside the same bubble. The recognized boast won Chamberlain legions of antagonists, nearly all whom thought he had been marketing careless activity that is sexual. Weiterlesen