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Gay Close Friends Are In 2010′s Hottest Teen Accessory

This thirty days, essential journal that is sociological Vogue comes with an in-depth and thought-provoking research of an amazing trend: often heterosexual females are friends with homosexual males. Though “friends with” implies parity. Let’s imagine: Heterosexual females have homosexual friends that are male. It is fashionable!

Yeah, it is one particular stories. Let us do the entire pull-quote game, shall we?

“a couple of years ago, most of the popular, pretty girls had been walking turn in hand with a preppy jock, ” a Pacific Palisades senior high school student says. ” Now you are going to see them in hallways with a Mulberry case on a single supply and a Johnny Weir look-alike on the other side. ” She claims one girl me wish I experienced some guy like Kurt in my own life. At her school even recently tweeted: “OMG, watching Glee makes. It’s only a little ridiculous how sought after a homosexual companion is actually in past times 12 months”

Mmm, delicious milkshake. More please!

Maggie, * a seventeen-year-old bostonian, discovered that since becoming therefore close to her GBF, she spends less time along with her right guy friends. “It really is good for me, ” she says because I don’t have to stress about Kevin* developing feelings. “just about each and every time i have created a relationship by having a right man, he wound up being interested in me personally, and I also would end up harming him as he learned we did not have the same manner. “