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Laura Ingraham Claims She’ll Take Planned Vacation Amidst Controversy

Brian Steinberg

Senior television Editor


Laura Ingraham is using a holiday a few weeks. Now the real question is whether a debate swirling all over host will carry on hiatus also.

The most popular Fox Information Channel host — her “Ingraham Angle” ended up being the 4th most-watched cable-news system in February — told viewers Friday evening she wouldn’t normally appear on atmosphere in a few days she described as a pre-planned break around the Easter holiday with her children as she took what. Substitute hosts are required to fill out on her behalf from the system.

She makes in the middle of heightened scrutiny. Ingraham tripped an imbroglio Wednesday with a Twitter post Marjory that is mocking Stoneman senior high school pupil David Hogg, one of many pupils who’s got talked down about weapon control prominently since a Feb. 14th shooting event during the Parkland, Fla. Weiterlesen