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Puerto Rican Bride – a bride-to-be that is stunned revealed exactly exactly how she woke up to get both her feet amputated following a problem during a procedure.

But regardless of the incident that is life-changing Tina McCue, from Staffordshire, states she actually is determined overcome her challenge and walk down that aisle to wed her fiance.

Tina was in fact struggling with a disease that is vascular narrowed the veins inside her feet, partly as a result of type one diabetes she had been identified as having as a young child.

Bride-to-be Tina McCue, from Staffordshire, woke up from a surgical procedure to locate that both her feet have been amputated after having a problem during a surgical procedure

The mum-of-four ended up being admitted to your Royal Stoke University Hospital for an operation to improve the narrowing.

Nevertheless when surgeons operated, they discovered severe infections which suggested that they had no option but to amputate both limbs.

Tina ended up being unacquainted with exactly what choose to go incorrect until she awoke hours later on from the anaesthetic. Weiterlesen