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Interfaith Concerns Faced by way of a Jewish-Puerto Rican Few

On our very very first date, in the middle of that embarrassing getting-to-know-each-other discussion, George asked me personally which type of individual I became drawn to. We thoughtfully reacted: “Goal driven. Smart. Fragile. Common sense of humor. ” Whenever I asked him exactly the same concern in exchange, their solution ended up being quick and concise: “Jewish. ” Him for an explanation, he had no trouble telling me that he enjoyed dating Jewish women because he found them to be smart, funny and usually brunette when I pressed. I became amused and notably flattered.

It absolutely was through that date that is same i came across George ended up being Puerto Rican, one thing an even more enlightened girl could have recognized considering their final title is Santiago. I did son’t respond well, saying anything from “but you don’t look Puerto Rican” to “I don’t date Puerto Ricans. Weiterlesen