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I’ve been told he had been planning to offer me personally being a intercourse servant and my parents had been certain he was planning to come after their inheritance

Hi, It’s nice to come right right here and read some real world tales. Presently I’m dating a muslim Arab guy for nearly 6 years now. We have been attempting to just simply take our relationship into the next degree ( wedding ). I’m not a muslim but staying in Malaysia ( multiracial country ). I’ve seen some reasonable quantity of muslim people and their lifestyle in Malaysia but its never as strict like in Saudi, its quite available right here in Malaysia. My partner gets extremely spiritual and wishes us to transform and exercise islam completely. He could be asking us to replace the means i dress. We have compromise to put on long jeans and address top but its not enough I cant even wear fitted jeans which i usually wear cause he thinks it shows my curves and guys will look at me for him. We don’t see a challenge wearing a jeans that are fitted long its covered and never torn. Can it be incorrect? We stay very good in just what I think and want, I’m finding it hard to follow their way as to how he desires me personally become. He thinks that if we follow him along with his means, it might make him pleased therefore we could be delighted because we’re after the correct islam means. I’m afraid that after marrying, it shall be worst in which he may have it their method it doesn’t matter what and we’ll end up getting a divorce proceedings or worst. Weiterlesen