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The Lesbian Intercourse Haiku Book (with Cats! )

Anna Pulley; Illustrations by Kelsey Beyer


For Sale: 04/19/2016

160 Pages

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Lesbian intercourse happens to be confounding individuals since the dawn of the time. The facts that two ladies do together precisely? The Lesbian Intercourse Haiku Book (with Cats! ) is just a funny help guide to lesbian intercourse, dating rituals, and relationships, and is designed to dispel all fables. Haiku combined with hilarious watercolor pictures of kitties in several phases of intimate awkwardness will enlighten, demystify, remystify, & most notably amuse while you read about all of the aspects associated with girl-on-girl action.

From lesbian pick-up lines:

Pronounce Annie Proulx’s name correctly—watch woman’s cargo pants fall down.

To icebreaker haiku for very first times:

It was VARIOUS years, but i am maybe maybe not done griping concerning the L term.

The mechanics of lesbian sex to, of course