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Uganda: Court Declares Refund of Bride-Price Under Customary Law Unconstitutional

(Aug. 12, 2015) Eight years after it started, an appropriate battle challenging the constitutionality of the customary training of refunding the bride-price at the dissolution of customary marriages ended with Ugandas Supreme Court, the court that is highest associated with land, declaring the training unconstitutional. (Uganda Bride cost Refund Outlawed by Top Judges, BBC NEWS (Aug. 6, 2015).) The outcome was initially brought before the Constitutional Court in 2007, when MIFUMI, a Uganda-based worldwide womens rights advocacy team, sought the abolition regarding the training of spending a bride-price as an ailment for contracting a marriage that is valid its mandatory reimbursement upon the dissolution associated with the wedding. (Mifumi (U) Ltd & 12 other people v Attorney General, Kenneth Kakuru Mifumi v. Weiterlesen